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work & playcare

Our Nursery Work and Playcare program is tailored to meet the needs of the modern family. Featuring a thoughtfully curated nursery program, we offer dedicated time in our child and parent friendly office space for your little ones, enabling an uninterrupted work sessions for half of the day. Our goal is to support both parents and children, fostering a harmonious balance between professional responsibilities and family life.

Kids Playing with Lego

Looking for a stress-free solution to balancing work and childcare this summer? Look no further than our Nursery Play Care Group! Run by specialists in infant and child development, education, and behaviour, along with the support of eager students from Durham College, our program offers a nurturing environment for your little ones.


What sets us apart? While your child is with us, enjoy three blissful hours of uninterrupted work in our hotel/hot desk office, equipped with WiFi, coffee, and snacks. Ideal for families in need of childcare or those struggling to be productive while working from home with little ones underfoot. Whether you need us for a day or the entire week, say goodbye to wonderful little distractions and hello to productivity!

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