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Mount Etna Child and Family Services offers tailored aba, speech and caregiver support with a neurodivergent affirming approach, prioritizing holistic wellbeing. Our method integrates individualized care, considering the unique needs of each child. Collaborating closely with family members and support networks, we ensure alignment with your specific goals. By embracing neurodiversity and acknowledging the importance of holistic perspectives, we foster a nurturing environment conducive to growth and progress. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals within their familial and broader support structures, promoting a comprehensive approach to achieving success and fulfillment.

our approach



Early Intervention

Our therapists Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions and Natural Environment Teaching. We prioritize hands-on, experiential learning over rigid directives, ensuring a dynamic and engaging approach. Instead of insisting on traditional methods like prolonged table sitting, we emphasize fun, motivation, and ease of learning. You won't hear us command "do this"; rather, we encourage exploration and active participation. By keeping sessions enjoyable and stimulating, we foster a conducive environment where learning flourishes effortlessly, empowering children to reach their full potential.


Jolly Phonics

Social Thinking & More

Our holistic approach extends to our speech team. We prioritize articulation, language, and communication through methods aligned with naturalistic principles. Our team is well-versed in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), ensuring every child's needs are met. We integrate beloved programs such as Jolly Phonics for literacy development and Social Thinking for enhancing social communication skills. By blending evidence-based practices with creativity and empathy, we create a supportive atmosphere where speech and communication thrive organically, empowering children to express themselves confidently and connect meaningfully with the world around them

Parent Support

Triple P


In addition to our direct services, Mount Etna Child and Family Services extends support to parents, teachers, and caregivers through evidence-based coaching programs. We offer Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) and P-ESDM (Parent-implemented Early Start Denver Model), providing valuable tools and strategies to enhance understanding and facilitate growth. These programs empower caregivers with skills grounded in research and tailored to individual needs, fostering positive relationships and promoting developmental progress. By equipping families and educators with effective techniques and resources, we ensure a collaborative approach that enriches the overall journey towards holistic well-being and success for every child.

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